Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beach Boys

When I was in eighth grade, the local AM station began playing songs from this new surfer band in the way the stations did back then. Over and over again, never letting the song end before injecting the next commercial over it. While I liked it a t first, I soon tired of Surfin and would change the channel when it came on. Then my friend bought the album Surfin Safari and I instantly fell in love with the song Summertime Blues, an Eddie Cochran piece.

It kind of went that way over the years that followed, I would like one or two pieces on each album but would be mildly irritated by other songs. Then in 1966, first with the issuing of Sloop John B and the subsequent release of Brian Wilson's masterpiece Pet Sounds, I finally found them frequently on my turntable.

After that I was off to college and my musical tastes took a huge turn with the likes of Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendix, Frank Zappa and the Grateful Dead. Needless to say, the Beach Boys became relegated to the back of the stack.

So tonight I revive those olden days of high school dances and AM radio stations and bring you The Beach Boys.

Website of current band

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