Saturday, July 26, 2008

Savoy Brown

Founded in the mid 60’s, tonight’s band was one of the last British blues bands to hit the scene. Although never reaching hit status in England they were well received in America.
The band has seen many personnel changes over the years with guitarist Kim Simmonds being the one constant member. Three of the original members left early on to form Foghat while other members also went on to other bands.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any videos of their early performances so…

Tonight we’ll start off with two live performances from 1995 and then move on to 2005 through the present.

Later, Eric Cartman will present the introduction to the second portion of the show. This portion is comprised of tracks off their 1960’s and ‘70’s albums with various fan generated slide shows.

Savoy Brown/Kim Simmonds Website


Streaming Radio


Direct links to the individual videos:

Too Much Of Good Things

Baby Please

When It Rains

Where's Your Heart Gone

Hellbound Train

Poor Girl

Needle and Spoon

Cry Forever

I Don't Remember You Baby

Street Corner Talking

Monday Morning Blues

As Long As I Got You

You Don’t Do A Thing For Me

Stay While the Night Is Young

Keep On Rolling

Jack The Toad

Needle And Spoon

Let it Rock (Rock and Roll on the Radio)

Flood in Houston

Sitting An' Thinking

I'm Crying

A Little More Wine

When I Was A Young Boy

Hard Way To Go

Train To Nowhere

Getting to the Point

Louisiana Blues

Master Hare

May Be Wrong

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Floyd

This weekend I am again having to take the trip to my daughter's camp so I will leave you with this short but sweet show originally televised in 1970 on KQED in San Francisco.

Pink Floyd Website

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wishbone Ash

In light of the smoke filled air for the last week due to the over 300 fires in northern California it’s only fitting that I bring you this band tonight.

Founded in the 1960’s and still performing today this British band is a founder of and one of the few remaining guitar-duo power bands. Although various members have come and gone the band has kept the music coming all these years. The current band bearing the original name is now headed up by one of the founding members Andy Powell, while another version of the band is headed up by founding member, Martin Turner.

So here tonight, reminiscent of the hillsides around here, Wishbone Ash!

Andy Powell’s Wishbone Ash

Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash


Last-fm Radio featuring Wishbone Ash

A Tribute

Direct links to the individual videos:



The king will come

Blowin' Free



You Rescue Me

Time Was

Where Were You Tomorrow



Living Proof

In The Skin

Blind Eye / Lady Whiskey

Cosmic Jazz

Lost Cause in Paradise

Why Don’t We

Throw Down the Sword

Tales of the Wise

Strange Affair

Leaf and Stream

East Coast Boogie

Real Guitars Have Wings


Outward Bound

Diamond Jack


Flesh and Steel


Silver Shoes


Why Dont We Live on TV

Standing in the rain

You See Red


Sometime World

Healing Ground



Roads of Day to Day

Like a Child

Growing Up

Number The Brave

Vas Dis

Sleep's Eternal Slave

Driving a wedge

Powerbright Revolution


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Visting Friends

I am away visiting my friend Jonathan. I will return next weekend.