Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Dog Night

As the story goes, indigenous Australians would lay down in a cavity in the ground while hugging a dingo. On colder nights it would take two dingos and three on the coldest nights.

Tonight's show is another tribute my my internet friend Big Dan who reminded me of this band and how much their music filled the air around me back in the late 60's. Listening to these videos as I was gathering them sent me down memory row!

Using the name Redwood they recorded some with Brian Wilson in 1967. Then changing their name to Three Dog Night after the afore mentioned legend, they landed a contract with Dunhill Records and their long successful run began.

Still performing today after a number of reincarnations they are still on a tour in 2009 and released their first studio album in over 30 years in 2007.

Tonight I start with a 1970's version of perhaps their most recognizable song followed by a number of 60's and 70's hits. I apologize for some of the video qualities of the early shows, but they are the best versions I could find - but then it's the music that matters.

Finishing up are a number of videos from their recent tours ending were it started with Mama's advice. Oh, there is a very special Encore as well!



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fixing Cars

[image BB2]

Since I've spent the last two weekends working on broken cars instead of presenting you with new video shows, today I bring you songs about cars and of course some videos by The Cars.

We start off with a video depicting me and my wife's car and ends with the reason I work on my own cars. Sandwiched in between is a little something for everyone from many different genres.

So grab your wrenches and engine code readers, sit back and enjoy.