Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ben Harper

Tonight I am pleased to feature the wonderful music of Ben Harper. Here is a collection of his music videos in no particular order with some collaborations at the end.

We start with a brief interview from TV Channel 11 in Los Angeles preceding his song When It’s Good.

Interview – When It’s Good

Burn One Down

Morning Yearning

Steal My Kiss

Better Way

Ground One Down

Diamonds on the Inside Diamonds on the Outside

Fool For a Lonesome Train

The Woman in You

Please Bleed

In the Colors

Sexual Healing

Amen Omen


Where Could I Go

Another Lonely Day

Gold to Me


Blessed to be a Witness

She’s Only Happy in the Sun

With the Blind Boys of Alabama:

Shall Not Walk Alone

Satisfied Mind

Give a Man a Home

Take My Hand

There Will Be a Light

Well Well Well

With Jack Johnson:

Please Me Like You Want To


High Tide or Low Tide


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