Saturday, November 15, 2008

Miriam Makeba -
In Memoriam

A vocal opponent of South African Apartheid, Miriam Makeba was refused entrance back into her homeland of South Africa. She had been labeled a revolutionary by the government after she appeared in the anti-apartheid documentary "Come Back Africa". She spent thirty years in exile before returning.

Miriam passed away this week shortly after performing a concert in Italy at the age of 76.
The world has lost an angel.

This evening’s show begins with a report of her death followed by a 40 minute documentary on the years of Apartheid featuring Miriam and her fellow performers.

The documentary is followed by a number of her live performances.

Near the end is another short documentary of her return to Guinea and performing some of her songs – unfortunately the audio and video are out of sinc in that one.

The show ends with one of her last performances and a fitting song for the end.

Thanks Miriam – you will be missed!




Direct links to the individual videos:


The years of South African Apartheid – pt. 1

The years of South African Apartheid – pt. 2

The years of South African Apartheid – pt. 3

The years of South African Apartheid – pt. 4
Pata Pata

The Click Song

Soweto Blues



Akana Nkomo





Ask the Rising Sun

South African Freedom Song – with Hugh Masekela

Dahla Ayounik

Hapo Zamani

Naughty Little Flea

Jinkel E Maweni

Under African Skies – with Paul Simon

Miriam’s Return Trip to Guinea – pt. 1

Miriam’s Return Trip to Guinea – pt. 2

Africa is Where My Heart Lies

When I’ve Passed On

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