Saturday, March 1, 2008

John Prine

Tonight’s show is dedicated to my friend and fellow blogger Big Dan.

Singer, songwriter, storyteller extraordinaire John Prine has long been a fixture of the American folk music scene. John’s lyrics can be humorous, capture the human experience or deal with political messages.

While he has seen limited commercial success John has won many awards and his songs are widely covered by other artists. He was awarded artist of the Year at the 2005 Americana Music Awards Ceremony and his album of the same year - Fair and Square - won the 2006 Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

So pull up a rock at Bear Creek, put on an Illegal Smile, Blow Up Your TV and enjoy an evening with John Prine.

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Fan Site


Oh Boy Records

Direct links to the individual videos:


Flag Decal

Angel From Montgomery

Paradise => Donald & Lydia

All the Best

Hello in There

Everything is Cool

Clay Pigeons


Spanish Pipe Dream

How Lucky

You Got Gold

Lake Marie

Up on Bear Creek

Just Getting By

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness – with Nanci Griffith

In Spite of Ourselves – with Nanci Griffith

Fish and Whistle

Sam Stone

Six O’clock News

Milwaukee Here I Come – with Iris Dement

Blow Up Your TV

When Two Worlds Collide – with Iris Dement

Muehlenberg County

Happy Enchilada

Illegal Smile

Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Far From Me

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