Sunday, February 20, 2011

The SupeShow

While attending Wisconsin State University, Steven's Point, in the late 1960's early 1970's, Friday and Saturday nights were spent at the two beer bars out in the woods north of campus and just north of the city limits. I no longer recall the names of the places, one was a sprawling single story structure rather L shaped with the bar in one leg of the L and the dance floor and stage in the other area. The bar across the street was built like an old barn with a loft.

At the time the statewide drinking age for beer was 18 and for wine and liqueur it was 21. However individual municipalities were allowed to set their own limits for the beer bars and in Steven's point it was 21. Needless to say, on every major road leading out of town there were several beer bars just outside the city limits. These two bars were the closest to campus and only one other bar had live music on the weekends, but it was a fair distance away on the south east side of town.

Local bands plied their stuff on those evenings as we downed pitchers of Point Special, the local brew, or some other cheap brand such as Pabst or Miller. The music was loud and raw, the dance floor was packed and the next morning was a painful haze, yet we persisted!

From a peek at Google Earth I see those bars no longer exist, the area where they were having been consumed by the campus with new buildings and sports fields, but tonight's featured performances bring back those memories of the bands and beer of my youth. Raw and rough around the edges, full of energy and a roaring good time. After all isn't that what Rock & Roll is all about? Makes me want to be 18 again!

Several weeks ago I received a comment at my YouTube channel from a guy from Vancouver calling himself SupeMan. He hosts a YouTube channel called theSupeShow and features videos of various bands at local bars, many with Supe taking to the stage in the lead vocal spot. He's the guy hiding in his hair!

Here then is SupeMan and some of his friends...


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