Saturday, June 16, 2007

SplashCast Player

This is the SplashCast Player. It is an MP3 player as well as video and slide show player.

The content is divided into "Shows" which reside on "Channels". Currently I am using two channels. The Audio Channel is found in the sidebar here at the Vault as well as at the Lair.
The video channel is displayed in full size posts here. Special video shows will occasionally appear at the Lair, although they will be on subjects other than music.

The Controls

To start play click the "Start" button on the opening screen. Player will start instantly on the first song of the open show.

Further control of the player is accomplished with the controls which appear when the mouse is moved over the view panel:

Channel Guide: Clicking on the Channel Guide button will display a list of Shows. Simply click on which Show you desire and it will begin to play. The show will play the contained songs in sequence until the end of the show.

Scrolling song tiles: The arrow buttons on either side of the play/pause button allow you to scroll through the titles in the show.

Pause/Start Button: This button in the lower left corner will pause or restart play of the current song.

Stopping Player: The player can be stopped either with the pause button which will maintain the current position in the show or by refreshing the browser page which will reset the player to the opening screen.

Full Screen: The button in the bottom right corner will enlarge the player to full screen offering other options you can do with the player. At the time of this writing I'm still trying to find out how to minimize it again without having to reload the page which restarts the player. I will update this instruction when and if I find out how to do it.

The Music

All music I post here will be from Live Music Archives - Link above player and in Music Resources section of the sidebar. This site is an archive of live recordings from bands who have authorized taping of their shows and the placement of those shows on the site.

The Slide Shows

The full screen view is poor at the time of this update. At this point I don't know where the problem lies. All the beginning photos up through the dog (Pepper) were scanned from 30 year old 35mm slides so I didn't expect a whole lot, but the rest are digital and I am not satisfied with the results. Also for some reason there is some interference from the audio messing up the video. I shall have to try some of the other available formats for the slide shows.

At this time the slide show is best watched in the small window.

Other Projects

In time I hope to present a few slide shows, maybe some videos as well as some original music by yours truly.