Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lisa Lynne & Andreas Vollenweider

Tonight I bring you the unique sounds of the Celtic Harp. Ranging from peaceful wanderings to upbeat rock influenced interpretations it has been used in a wide variety instances.

First up tonight is Lisa Lynne. Lisa began her performing career in various rock bands playing guitar, mandolin and introducing the Celtic harp into the mix. Later she directed her efforts mainly to the harp and its more classic usage. She has worked with the City of Hope National Cancer Center in Los Angeles as musician-in-residence integrating music into the treatment programs and later formed her own recording company “Lavender Sky Music”.

Following Lisa is Andreas Vollenweider. Andreas’ style is more energetic, bordering on jazz and rock but keeping a classical edge to it. Playing an electrified harp of his own design, this Swiss musician has sold over ten million albums in his twenty year career.
A follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Andreas is an outspoken Pacifist and critic of the Iraq war.

Tonight I begin with a number of contemporary pieces by Lisa. Then I pick up the pace with two of Lisa’s early works. The first of those is a 1983 performance on a local TV station music show where she performs in a band called Brazil. This band was formed with several musicians she met at a Renaissance Fair. (Check out the hairdos!) The second piece is her graduation performance at Musicians Institute in Hollywood California in 1989.

Andreas then picks up with a number of works from throughout his career finishing with several of Andreas’ tunes someone has set to scenes from the movie Whale Rider – the story of the coming of age of a young Maori girl.

Lisa Lynne

Andreas Wollenweider
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