Friday, June 6, 2008

Seasick Steve

Although his styling may be rather one dimensional, this guy can really lay it down.
I first became aware of him when I was putting together the Green Man Festival video in the post before this one.

Master of bayou-boogie-hobo-blues, he uses whatever he can find to deliver his message. His instruments range from an electric guitar with only three strings and the pickup duct taped, to a couple of tin cans, a van door handle, Christmas decorations and one string mounted on a 2x4. Not much to work with, but he can sure make them sing.

Headed for the Royal Albert Hall October 1st, he brings audiences stories of life on the down-side with a pounding beat from his Mississippi Drum Machine – a wooden box with a Mississippi license plate on the front.

This evening I’ll start you off with a short interview followed by a collection of his performances. Closing things out is an 18 minute movie and an encore to wrap it up.

Tonight I invite you to an evening with SEASICK STEVE!

Seasick Steve’s Website



Seasick Steve on Streaming Radio

Hobo-low Forum

An interview

Direct links to the individual videos:

A brief interview

Doghouse Boogie

Cut My Wings

Save Me - on the 1 string diddley bo’


Hobo Low

It’s All Good

Things Go Up

My Donny

My Dog/One True

Save Me


Fallen Off a Rock

Last Po’man


Walking Man pt.1

Salem Blues

A Long Way From Home Movie pt. 1

A Long Way From Home Movie pt. 2.

Encore – Doghouse Boogie reprise

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