Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tonight I offer up something for all the head bangers out there.
Originally formed under the name On Friday while they were in high school in 1985 these guys from Oxfordshire England played local gigs until they went off to college.
Upon graduation they regrouped and joining the indie scene began performing again and started recording demos which soon caught the eyes of various record labels.

In 1991 bass guitarist Collin Greenwood met EMI representative Keith Wozencroft at the record shop where Greenwood worked. This lead to a six album contract late that year.

At the request of EMI the band changed its name to Radiohead as inspired by the title song of the Talking Heads True Stories album.

Here then is Radiohead, live in Glastonbury, 2003.




Full Concert with download link

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jesse Colin Young

First, with the Youngbloods, and later as a solo artist, Jesse Colin Young has had a long productive career. With his heartfelt lyrics and sweet tenor voice he has produced over 20 albums, half of which were in the 70’s and 80’s.

Tonight I offer a collection of the few live performances I could find plus a number of slide shows utilizing the recorded music. I begin with several live performances of the Youngbloods followed by a number of Jesse’s live performances. The last half are slide shows ending with the song Get Together backing a slide show of the current condition – as poignant today as it was in 1967 when it was first released.




Direct links to the individual videos:

The Youngbloods

Tears are Falling

Ride the Wind

Grizzly Bear

Jesse Colin Young


When the Sun Goes Down

Darkness, Darkness

Little Grass Shack

4 in the Morning

Slide Shows

Euphoria Youngbloods

Reason to Believe Youngbloods

Sugar Babe

Song for Julia


Miss Hesitation

T-Bone Shuffle

Rye Whiskey

Before You Came

You Gotta Fix It

Let's Get Together

Saturday, January 3, 2009

World Liberty Concert
Alan Parsons & Friends

The World Liberty Concert was held on 8 May 1995 and commemorated the 50th anniversary of VE-Day, the liberation of Europe. The venue for the concert was Arnhem, the Netherlands, near the John Frost bridge, the bridge immortalized in the film `A Bridge Too Far'. The idea for the WLC was conceived by 25 year old Dutchman Arno Geul, who, at an early stage, decided Alan Parsons was the perfect Musical Director for the show. Apart from (not entirely live) performances of the Alan Parsons Band (with Chris Thompson and Mick Mullins on vocals), Candy Dulfer (sax), Art Garfunkel, UB40 and many others (including an 80 piece orchestra and a local choir), the show consists of military parades, airshows and a narration by Walter Cronkite, the legendary war correspondent and later news anchorman. The Alan Parsons Band performed a number of well-known songs (Sirius/Breakaway, Old and Wise, The Gold Bug, Sirius/Eye in the Sky) plus some new material commissioned for the show (among which White Dawn) and also accompanied Dulfer, Joe Cocker and Art Garfunkel on their segments. The show was televised live in 40 countries, was attended by approximately 85.000 people and is about two hours long.

For this evening's show I have collected what I could find from the concert and have tried to assemble it in something resembling chronological order. Being unable to find a set list of the show I had to take my best guess with the videos which had no narration. The only full version of the concert I could find was a Torrent download, but at 4 GB it was far too large for Splashcast.

Alan Parsons




Alan Parsons’ Project




Direct links to the individual videos:


Let the Healing Begin – Joe Cocker

Sirius => Breakaway

The Gold Bug

True Colors – Cindy Lauper

Julia Says – Wet Wet Wet

Love is All Around – Wet Wet Wet

I Can’t Make You Love Me – Candy Dulfer

Old and Wise

White Dawn

Sirius => Eye in the Sky

Bridge Over Troubled Water – Art Garfunkel

You’re the Voice