Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Green Man Festival

Yesterday, when I opened my email, I found a letter from Mirjam in the U.K.
Mirjam is involved in a music festival called The Green Man Festival to be held this August 15th - 17th in the Glanusk Park Estate near Crickhowell in Powys, Mid Wales.

Getting older, I look at the festival band lists and find I know few of the bands. This festival has three names that stand out to me - perhaps the biggest is Pentangle who have reformed with all the original artists for this show and a concert tour. Richard Thompson is also on top of my list and the Drive-by Truckers are pretty darn good too.

As for the bands I don't know, Mirjam and her cohorts have solved that problem too. There is a radio player at the website with selections from what seems to be all of the artists.

Having seen the Vault, Mirjam has invited me to the show and asked that I spread the word about it.

Unfortunately, due to the melting of the polar ice shield, my only possible land route is blocked and I won't be able to attend.

However, in spreading the word, I invite all my listeners to check out the Green Man Festival website and be sure to go to the show and report back to me if you have the means.

The really cool thing at their site is that you can post a video of your favorite band or your own band, and then people can vote on the bands. Those with the most votes will be added to the show.

So go LISTEN at the Green Man Radio Player.
Sign up a BAND
And go VOTE
(To vote you must REGISTER - 30 seconds tops, plus a chance to win tickets)

Greenman Festivals Past

Thanks Mirjam!


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