Friday, September 7, 2007

David Gilmour

Pink Floyd has long been my favorite band, of course anybody in the know will have already realized that from my banner above. In fact I've followed them since their very first album. Guitarist David Gilmour holds title as my favorite member of the band.

Tonight I bring you the music of David Gilmore, so sit back and drift away with one fantastic guitarist and damn good vocalist.

Heck, I'll even take you on a tour of his recording studio later on in the show!

Since David was so kind to present the inaugural video here at the vault it is only fitting that he do an encore of his opening to begin tonight's show.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Acoustic

On an Island – With David Crosby and Graham Nash

Breathe – Acoustic

Comfortably Numb


Jamming in the Studio (Island Jam)

There’s No Way Out of Here – From his first solo album.

Blue Light – Another Oldie. Different!

Take a Breath

Astronomy Domine – Current Performanc

Coming Back to Life

On an Island – Live performance

Time for a tour of David’s recording studio!



Echoes – pt. 1

Echoes – pt. 2

Wearing the Inside Out – With Floyd-mate Richard Wright

High Hopes

A couple more Oldies!

Arnold Layne – With Richard Wright and David Bowie

Fat Old Sun - Old Song, new performance.

OK Wake up now!

Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush & David Gilmour

A Great Day for Freedom


Wish You Were Here

Shine On You crazy Diamond - Electric

On the Turning Away – With Pink Floyd

Thanks David!

Dedicated to Agent 99

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