Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Monsoon

I was first introduced to this band about a year ago by the Right Reverend Agent 99 the Undefeated of Fiddlehope in the Marsh

Tonight's band - masters of the jam band genre, will take you along as they wind their way through space and time.

So come along and hook the groove, take flight with New Monsoon!

New Monsoon Website

New Monsoon MySpace


At Live Music Archive – Free, legal, band authorized concert downloads

Direct links to the individual videos:

Velvet Pouch

On the Sun

Potato's Mission


Bron Y'aur Stomp

Eminenece Front Pt1

Eminenece Front Pt2

The Sound

Blue Queen

Other Side Pt1

Daddy Longlegs Pt1

Daddy Long Legs Pt2

from GrooveTV - 4-17-03

Stagger Lee – with Honkytonk Homeslice

En Fuego – with Honkytonk Homeslice


from the Hood River Windjam

Come on Home to Me – with Honkytonk Homeslice

One Step Ahead of the Blues – With Dan Leboetz

at the Mad Frog 2007-07-25

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