Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sorry, this one's not for the kiddies.

Composer, orchestral director, singer and guitarist extraordinaire, Frank Zappa rose out of the southern California area to become one of the most prolific rock artists of his time.

A satirist, his music was often biting and irreverent, pushing the bounds of the censorship within the music industry. Meticulous rhythm changes and tearing guitar solos were a mark of his works.

Amongst the many band members who worked with him over the years, many have gone on to successful careers of their own. Such well known musicians such as Jean Luc Ponty, Steve Via and the duo Flo and Eddie (also of the Turtles) have performed with Frank over the years.

Unfortunately in 1993 prostate cancer took him from us long before his time.

Tonight I offer a two part show. Think of it as one of those fold-out double albums. The first part, a documentary, has the narration in German, but the narration is only a minor part. In this documentary Frank talks (in English) about his views on government, the music industry, free speech and life in general. Also in the documentary section is an appearance on the TV show “Crossfire” in which he faces off with Right Wing pundit Robert Novak on the subject of obscenity.

The second part of the show is a sampling of his live performances from over the years in no particular order. At the end of the music section are several silly things found while compiling the show.

The Documentary:

The Music:

Frank Zappa Website
Zapa Radio

Direct links to the individual videos:


Bobby Brown

Stairway To Heaven

Inca roads

Peaches En Regalia

Cosmik Debris


Dupree's Paradise

Farther O'Blivion

Be-Bop Tango


More Trouble Every Day

San Berdino

Watermelon In Easter Hay


Whippin’ Post

You Are What You Is

The Illinois Enema Bandit

Titties and Beer

G-spot Tornado

King Kong

Stevie’s Spanking

The Torture Never Stops pt.1

The Torture Never Stops pt.2

In The Sky

The Black Page

When The Lie's So Big => Planet Of The Baritone Women

Bamboozled by Love

City Of Tiny Lights

Punky's Whips

Cocaine Decisions

Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk

St. Etienne


Suicide Chump

Chunga's Revenge => Keep It Greasy

Joe's Garage

Camarillo Brillo => Muffin Man

Frank Zappa on David Letterman, 10-31-83

Zappa on "The Monkees"

Zappa On The Steve Allen Show pt.1

Zappa On The Steve Allen Show pt.2

Zappa On The Steve Allen Show pt.3

Zappa On The Steve Allen Show pt.4

Frank Zappa Commercial For General Electric

Zappa on Make Me Laugh

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Documentary Pt1

Documentary Pt2

Documentary Pt3

Documentary Pt4

Documentary Pt5

Documentary Pt6


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