Saturday, August 23, 2008

Peter Paul & Mary

With subjects ranging from anti-war protest songs to songs of the human condition as well as comedy and children’s songs this trio rose to the top of the folk movement of the 60’s and early 70’s.

Founded in 1961 by Albert Grossman as a Folk Supergroup they released their first album the following year, quickly gaining a large following.

After salvaging an old record player from the dump, replacing a few obviously burned out resistors an one vacuum tube I headed down to the used record store. The first two albums I bought were Peter Paul & Mary’s first album titled simply “Peter, Paul and Mary” and Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changing”.

That was about 1965 and indeed things were A Changing!

After collecting several more of their first albums I bought the music books to go with them. With the records, the music books and an old f-hole Harmony guitar I taught myself how to play. I spent many hours playing along with the records and then without them. Eventually, in college, I was part of a folk group called Blue Laughter. We were together for about a year and a half and toured the college campuses around Wisconsin during that time, also giving shows at retirement homes and care centers. But as so often happens in bands, the ego problems of the founder got in the way and we broke up about a month before we were supposed to go tryout for a USO tour to Vietnam.

Alas, I stray, so here is tonight’s show, centered on their works from the early sixties through the mid eighties. But you won’t find any lost flowers or dope smoking dragons here!

PP&M Website


Direct links to the individual videos:

Early Morning Rain

500 Miles

Cruel War

If I Had a Hammer

Go Tell It On A Mountain

The Times They Are A Changing

Blowing The Wind => Give Peace a Chance

Don't Think, Twice It's All Right

For Loving Me

Come And Go With Me

San Francisco Bay Blues


When the Ship Comes In

Too Much of Nothing

Early In The Morning

Moments of Soft Persuasion

The House Song

Well, Well, Well

Hurry Sundown

There But For Fortune

If I Had My Way

Jane Jane


Boa Constrictor

The Marvelous Toy

A' Soalin'

Hymn – Paul Solo

El Salvadore

Like the First Time

Right Field

Goodnight Irene

Such Is Love

And When I Die

Greenland Whale Fisheries

I Dig Rock And Roll Music

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Weave Me The Sunshine

The Wedding Song

Battle of the Folk Bands

with Donovan and the Smothers Brothers

Day Is Done

Oh all right, they already slipped in a snippet, so here…

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Puff the Magic Dragon

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