Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kinks

Tonight’s offering is another of the British Invasion bands of the sixties.

Founded by brothers Dave and Ray Davies this band has overcome the tumultuous relationships of its members to turn out some of the period’s memorable hits.

Working with subject matter ranging from the Queen Mother to Transvestitism they found their own niche and filled it with hits.

The show tonight begins with a 25 minute, three part documentary of the band with interviews of its members and clips of their songs. This is followed by several dozen of their videos followed by a number of Ray Davies solo performances, ending with perhaps their greatest hit “Lola”.

So sit back and enjoy The Kinks!

Kinks Fan Site

Dave Davies Official Site

The Kinks Wiki

Direct Links to the individual videos:

Story of the Kinks Part1

Story of the Kinks Part 2

Story of the Kinks Part 3


Sunny Afternoon

You Really Got Me

All Day and All of the Night

A Well Respected Man


Waterloo Sunset

Tired of Waiting

Autumn Almanac

Dead End Street

It’s Alright

See My Friend

Set Me Free

Milk Cow Blues


Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy

Death of a Clown

Ordinary People => Sunny Afternoon

Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues

Village Green Preservation Society

Come Dancing

Do It Again

Only a Dream

Lost and Found

Low Budget

Dedicated Follower of Fashion


How Do I Get Close

State of Confusion


Muswell Hillbilly

Hollywood Blvd

Celluloid Heroes

Shangri-La – Ray Davies

One More Time – Ray Davies

Working Man’s CafĂ© – Ray Davies

In a Moment – Ray Davies

To the Bone – Ray Davies

After the Fall – Ray Davies

Over My Head – Ray Davies


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