Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trey Anastasio

Lead guitarist and vocalist for 20 years with the band Phish, Trey Anastasio also headed up Oysterhead with Stewart Copeland of the Police on drums and Les Claypool of Primus on bass during a break from Phish.

Since the dissolution of Phish Trey has done some solo work and performed with several other backup bands.

Tonight I bring you a sampling of Trey’s works over the years including a number of guest performances with other well known musicians.






Direct links to the individual videos:

Acoustic Solo – at the Connecticut Forum

Jamming with Bob Weir and Nicholas Payton

Funky Bitch – Phish

So Damn Lucky– with Dave Matthews in Senegal

Owner of the World – Oysterhead

Stash Part 1 - Phish

Stash Part 2 – Phish

Waste - with Dave Mathews

Push on Until the Day – Trey Anastasio Band

Hello My Baby – Phish

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Phish

Standing on the Moon – With Bruce Hornsby (Jerry Garcia Tribute)

Armys on Ecstasy – Oysterhead

Makisupa Policeman – Phish

Cold Rain and Snow – with Phil Lesh

46 Days Jam – with Josh Clark of Tea Leaf Green

Blues Jammin’ – with Joe Bonamassa

Little Faces – Oysterhead

Wilson – at Tsunami Benefit Concert

Buster – with Moe at Tsunami Benefit Concert

You Enjoy Myself Part 1 – Phish

You Enjoy Myself Part 2 – Phish

You Enjoy Myself Part 3 – Phish

Sledge Hammer - Trey Anastasio Band

More Pretty Girls Than One, Poor Heart, My Sweet One – with Mike Gordon

Shadow of a Man – Oysterhead

Money, Love and Change Part 1 – Trey Anastasio Band

Money, Love and Change Part 2 – Trey Anastasio Band

Money, Love and Change Part 3 – Trey Anastasio Band

Free – Phish

First Tube – Trey Anastasio Band

Polka Dot Rose – Oysterhead

Going Down The Road – with Mike Gordon, Phil Lesh and the Benevento Russo Duo

Oz is Ever Floating – Oysterhead

Wolfman’s Brother Part 1 – Phish

Wolfman's Brother Part 2 – Phish

Birthday Boys – Oysterhead

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