Saturday, May 24, 2008

SplashCast Demise


This past Sunday evening, when I checked my email before going to bed, I found:

The Letter

Most of the videos linked here were created using the SplashCast interface. They were built of links to YouTube videos assembled into a player which had the ability to play the videos sequentially.
SplashCast has yet to answer my question of what will happen to my videos, but I figure they will be lost after June 1st.

This has hit the Video Vault hard. This will leave about 50 of my shows dead. I will leave the posts up as I try and find another means of making these presentations. At some point I started listing the direct links to the videos so you can access them that way.
I thought YouTube playlists would be the answer, but if the player gets to a broken link it just stops without ever skipping to the next video without human intervention.

Check back occasionally as I try and find a new format.


UPDATE 6/7/09:

I have recently found a new service called EmbedR which is very similar to Spalshcast in that it can assemble the links into a stream. I have begun using the player for my new shows and over time I will convert the old shows into the new format.

UPDATE 5/08/09:

From time to time the SplashCast videos come back to life, you may get lucky, or you may get a black box where the video should be.

[Actual date of post 5/24/09]

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