Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stop Making Sense - David Byrne

Tonight I feature David Byrne, master of the rubber-legged dance and high energy performance. (The guy must burn at least 12,000 calories every show.)

First an interview from a 1983 David Letterman show.

David is perhaps most widely known as the frontman, guitarist and vocalist of the 70's and 80's band The Talking Heads.
Here is a selection of their work.

Letterman Show Part 2 –
Talking heads performing I-Zimba

Warning Signs

Psycho Killer

Road to Nowhere

Life During Wartime

Take Me to the River

Girlfriend is Better

And She Was

Sax and Violins

Burning Down the House

Born Under Punches

with King Crimson’s Adrian Belew on guitar.

Flippy Floppy

Thank You for Sending an Angel

Slippery People

another with Adrian Belew

The Great Curve
one more with Adrian Belew

Cross Eyed and Painless


The Lady Don’t Mind

Once in a Lifetime

This Must Be the Place

After The Talking Heads, David has pursued a solo career.
Here he interviews himself and explains that incredibly huge suit.

Make Believe Mambo

Dirty Old Town

Miss America

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

She’s Mad

Glass, Concrete, Stone

Nothing But Flowers

Psycho Killer

Take Me To the River

Love For Sale

Dance on Vaseline

Girls On My Mind


Back In the Box

Hanging Upside Down

David has also collaborated with a number of other artists over the years.

Mea Culpa – with Brian Eno

America is Waiting – with Brian Eno

Qu’ran Eno – with Brian Eno

The Big Country - with Richard Thompson

Psycho Killer
- with Richard Thompson

Daddy Go Down
- with Morcheeba

Finally, to close the show, a couple to slow you down:

The Great Intoxication - including a Chamber Orchestra

Secret Life – with Brian Eno

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