Monday, May 25, 2009

Derek Trucks Band

Named after the Eric Clapton/Duane Allman band Derek and the Dominoes, Derek Trucks picked up a cheap guitar at the age of nine and by the age 11 was performing on stage with his uncle Butch Tucks, drummer for the Allman Brothers Band. Derek went on to form his own band by the time he was 12.

At the age of twelve he also began sitting in with such greats as Buddy Guy and the Allman Brothers. After touring with the Allmans for a number of years he finally became an official member in 1999 and still performs with them as well as with his own band.

Master of the slide guitar Derek was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the youngest player to reach the 2003 list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" at the number 81 position.

Tonight I start the show with a couple of videos from when he was 11 followed by a short interview then some numbers from when he was 15. After that there is no particular order. Also included are several pieces performed with his wife Susan Tedeschi.

Crank it up to 11 and groove on some delicious blues in the brand spankin’ new video player!

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