Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stormy Weather

Tonight I offer a collection of videos from various genre but with one thing in common - Storm!
For more on the reason for this weeks selection look Here and Here.

So batten down the hatches, light the candles and cuddle up to keep warm - here comes the storm!

Storm – Lifehouse

The Storm
- Yanni

Electrical Storm
– U2

Riders on the Storm
– The Doors

– Vanessa Mae

Melodic Storm
– Straightener

You’re the Storm
– The Cardigans

Shelter from the Storm
– Bob Dylan

– Luna Sea

Riding the Storm
– Cro-Magnon

– Gackt

Calm before the Storm
– Fallout Boy

Into the Storm
– Gamma Ray

Song of Storm and Fire –
Yuki Kajiura

Sleepy Storm
– Schiller

The Storm
– Patrick Watson

In closing – the quintessential storm song:

Ridin’ the Storm Out
– REO Speed Wagon

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