Sunday, October 28, 2007

String Cheese Incident

Tonight (a day late) I am offering one of the great jam bands of our time. Unfortunately, in assembling tonight’s selection I learned that this band has recently broken up, with the artists off to pursue their individual projects. I’m glad that I was fortunate to have attended a number their live shows over the past years at various San Francisco venues. Some of the videos in tonight’s offerings are from the Red Rocks Amphitheater and their last show together.

So, without further delay, grab the marinara sauce ‘cause tonight we’ve got lotsa mozzarella.

Untitled – From Austin City Limits


Deep Ellum - with Keller Williams

Land’s End

Fire Dance

Love is Like a Train

Pretty Polly – Dramamine or tripod required!
(Sound kind of sucks too – but the fire dancers a way cool!)

Stir It Up => I Know You Rider

Bluegrass Jammin’ - with Drew Emmitt

On The Road

Little Hands

Lester Had A Coconut

Weak audio – excellent crowd video at Red Rocks.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Jammin’ on the Drums

Sitting On Top Of The World

Fire Dance Jam

Valley of the Jig


Mouna Bowa


Sometimes a River

One of my favorite venues – Berkley Greek Theater
(Bring a cushion for the concrete seats!)

Wheel of Life

Rhum N Zouc


Ninja - with Keller Williams

Desert Dawn=>Black Clouds=>Drums=>Desert Dawn

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Luckiest Man
– with Keller Williams

Best Feeling => Fuel For The Road – with Keller Williams

Restless Wind


Taking a trip to the show

Several members discussing their latest album.

I hate to see you go - I will miss your fun shows! Thanks for the memories!

(For more Cheese look in my streaming player for the String Cheese show there.)

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