Saturday, June 28, 2008

Steely Dan

Tonight’s show is by special request of Big Dan. This band is also one of my favorites.

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker met in college in 1967 and began playing in local bands. Later moving to Brooklyn they released their first album in 1972. They toured briefly but soon retired to working only in the studio accompanied by a host of studio musicians. With six album releases in the ‘70s they broke up in the ‘80s but reformed in the ‘90s and began touring again.

Their blend of jazz, rock and pop sound equally well today as when they first hit the airwaves.

I’ll open tonight with a look had how they mold their music in the studio with a breakdown of their hit song Peg. Finally, I’ve left you a little piece of eye candy for your enjoyment at the end.

Enough from me, I’ll let these ladies tell you what it’s all about:

Steely Dan Website

2008 Tour



Internet Resource

Direct links to the individual videos:

The Steely Dan Show

The Making Of Peg


Kid Charlemagne

My Old School

Cousin Dupree



Black Cow

Babylon Sister

Haitian Divorce

Hey Nineteen

Bad Sneakers

Janie Runaway and Josie

Home at Last

Cubano Chant - introduction


Things I Miss the Most

Parker's Band

Do it Again

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

Reelin' In The Years

Slang of Ages

Green earrings

Don't take me alive

The Caves of Altamira

Time Out of Mind

Black Friday

Glamour Profession

Everyone's Gone To The Movies

Green Flower Street

Jack of Speed

Wet Side Story

My Waterloo

Midnight Cruiser

East St Louis Toodle-OO


Do It Again – Reprise


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