Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yonder Mountain String Band

Musical Math Equation:
1 guitar+ 1 banjo+ 1 mandolin+ 1 upright bass =
Yonder Mountain String Band.

Tonight I offer some rip-roarin’ Bluegrass for ya’ll. So get out them stompin’ shoes, slap them thighs and get to dancin’.


Sometimes I’ve Won

Hill Country Girl


Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

40 Miles from Denver

Cuckoo’s Nest

Too Late Now

Follow Me Down to the Riverside


Sideshow Blues

New Deal Train

Red Tail Lights


Troubled Mind

Crow Black Chicken

Death Trip

Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown

Sidewalk Stars

East Nashville Easter

Damned if the Right One

For tonight’s Encore:

Going Where They Don’t Know My Name => End of the Day

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Arthur Lee Land - One Man Band

Tonight we have some offerings from Arthur Lee Land. There wasn’t much material to work with, but most of his pieces are fairly long so it still works out to over an hour’s worth of music.

This bio from his website best explains what his music is all about.
Arthur Lee Land combines diverse influences to create a fresh new musical vibe: Afrograss Flavored Folk Rock. During a tour of Nigeria and Ghana, West Africa in 2001, Arthur spawned the concept of Afrograss: a synthesis of West African percussion and bluegrass in a folk rock context with a touch of funk, jazz, reggae, latin and world beat. Touring as a multi-instrumental solo act Arthur calls “A One-Man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble,” he utilizes “loop” (live recording) technology to create a full band sound by layering African percussion, bass, acoustic & electric guitars, guitar synth, vocals and talk box.
In tonight’s opener Arthur demonstrates how it is done.

Live Looping 101

Perfect groove

Let it Rain

Horse With No Name


URA Song

Sugar’s Sweet

Sound of the River

In conclusion, here is a number with a complete band.

I Came Willing
- (Montage) - Arthur Lee Land Band

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

In the late 60’s the big excitement of the week would be the get-together to watch the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour show. Their topical humor and music was always a hit as well as a great chance to see one of most popular bands of the time. It was time for a party!

We would all go to Diane’s house. She had one of those huge counsel color TVs that could play through the stereo and we would blast it for the bands.

The brothers started their comedy duo in 1958, becoming popular in the club circuit while releasing several successful albums. Tom played the slightly slow jokester while Dick was the straight man. They could never finish a song together without having an argument about the words.

During the 1965-1966 TV season they had a situation comedy show which flopped. With the introduction of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 they became a huge success.
Writers such as Steve Martin, Rob Reiner, Pat Paulson, Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne) and Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci) kept the show fun while tackling the issues of the time. The youth oriented anti war, anti government and anti racist satire made the show controversial and was ultimately the underlying cause of its cancellation in April 1969.

So here is a few years worth of the

Jefferson Airplane

Battle of the Folk Bands

Peter, Paul & Mary, + Donovan and Smothers Brothers

Liberace Hams It Up - Watch for Super Dave

Harry Nilsson

The Doors

The Who

Judy Collins – Object of CSN ‘Suite Judy Blue Eyes’

Joking with George Harrison

Cast of ‘Hair’

The Brothers

Buffalo Springfield

The First Edition
– Recognize that bearded singer?

Steve Martin

Jefferson Airplane

The Who

Ventriliquist Ronn Lucas with Buffalo Billy

Pete Seeger

Mama Cass
– What a voice, gone way too soon!

The Brothers

The Association



The Brothers
– From the 80’s

Peter Paul & Mary

Glenn Campbell

Simon and Garfunkel
– annoying advert at front end

Peter Paul & Mary


The Association

The Buckinghams

The Brothers – 80’s

Pete Seeger


Ravi Shankar

The Byrds

The Brothers
– 80’s

Mama Cass

Simon and Garfunkel

Blues Magoos

The Hollies

Donovan, Mary Travers and Jennifer Warnes

Harry Belafonte

Wrap it up Joan!