Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Tubes

Tonight’s band was known for its flamboyant costumes and often raunchy lyrics offering a fun loaded show. Their subject matter commented on the trends of the time with humor and sarcasm.
One of the Art Band genre of the 70’s and 80’s, they often played here at various small venues and never failed to please. Tonight we have an introduction to the concept of tubes by the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska!

Senator Ted Stevens Explains

White Punks on Dope


Gimme dat Harp => This Town

Talk To You Later

Sushi Girl – With the Fishin’ Musician John Candy

And now for a message from our sponsor:

Pimp => Young and Rich

Wild Women of Wongo

She’s a Beauty

Town Without Pity
– the video demo that landed them their record contract with A&M.

Stand Up and Shout

Out of the Business

The Completion Backward Principle
– A perfect description of PNAC

What Do You Want From Life
- A 2007 regroup.

Don’t touch me there

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