Saturday, December 1, 2007

Music and Art of Iran

The Haft Tan

While George, Dick, Condi, Karl, Hillary, Obama, Ahmadinejad, and most of the rest of the current presidential candidates rattle the sabers and beat the drums of ugly war, art and music spread the message of love and beauty. Through art and music comes understanding. With understanding comes tolerance. With tolerance comes peace. Through peace comes love.

Tonight I am offering a taste of Iranian music and art in hopes of spreading a little of that peace and understanding.

Not knowing the Persian language I am at the mercy of the people who posted the videos. Please excuse me if I’ve made errors in the titles or artists and feel free to help fill in the blanks if you can.

Nazanin e Ashigh - by Nooshafarin

Ashegham man Ghermez Persian Iranian Movie song

Persian Handicrafts

Fire Of Passion – Ali Akbar Moradi

Traditional Song – Mehrdad Heydayati

Golestan Palace – Tehran More

[No Title] – Iman Ghasam

[No Title] – Marjan

Bethelehem Church in Isfahan

Sharareh Iranian Music Bia

Kalamat-e Maknooneh

Delo Az Donya Boridam

Emam Mosque in Isfahan More

[No Title] – Saadi Nikoo (from Portland Oregon)

Some Pop music
– (If anyone has better eyes and can read the artist and title let me know.)

Achaemenid staff - Iran, Ca: 500 BC More

Here’s a fun one from my friend Homeyra
Eddea - Abjeez

Music on the traditional Tar - Jalil Shahnaz

Chashman Siah – Mansour

Marble Palace

Nameth – Farzan

Several Techno-pop!

Sleep and Fantasy – Iman Asoka

Adamakha – Nariman

Beverly Hills – Barobax

Saman – Sasan

Persian Miniature Painting More


Entezar - Shohreh

Cheshmaye - Farzad Faroomand

Persian Achaemenid Jewelry

Iran Iran – Mohmad Noori

Four Musical tours of Iran

Beautiful Iran

Another Perspective

Iran Iran

Kish Island

Tonight I have asked Adjeez to give us an encore.


Achaemenid Golden Lion


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