Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Buckley

Those were the days, care free with no responsibilities other than to myself. Riding in my 1963 Ford Falcon van, cruising Hwy 1 and the high Sierra, cassette deck blasting Tim Buckley, with me singing along at the top of my lungs as I searched the next place to explore. My dog Pepper, the Horse Terrier, was always at my side riding shotgun on our excursions. I called her a horse terrier because I got her at the Sheboygan, Wisconsin Animal Shelter when she was approximately 4 weeks old. They told me she was an eight week old terrier mix, but when I got her home she couldn't even eat or drink. I had to bottle feed her for four weeks before she was weened, at which time she was larger than any terrier I had seen. When mature she weighed in at 135lbs. and would stand up, put her front feet on my shoulders and look me straight in the eye. (I'm 6'5" tall). The best bet for her true lineage was a Great Dane - Golden Lab mix.

Anyway, I digress.

Tonight's artist is one of my favorites but was taken from us much too soon. Dead of a heroine overdose at the age of 28.

Initially Tim's style was in the folk and folk rock genre, but over time it evolved into jazz and avant-garde. Sometimes it was difficult to access, but nevertheless it showcased his incredible vocal range.

Tonight I open with a number of live performances followed by other audio samples featuring slide shows and static photos.

Tim Buckley Archives - Official site of his Estate

Click here to view individual playlist entries


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