Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jesse Colin Young

First, with the Youngbloods, and later as a solo artist, Jesse Colin Young has had a long productive career. With his heartfelt lyrics and sweet tenor voice he has produced over 20 albums, half of which were in the 70’s and 80’s.

Tonight I offer a collection of the few live performances I could find plus a number of slide shows utilizing the recorded music. I begin with several live performances of the Youngbloods followed by a number of Jesse’s live performances. The last half are slide shows ending with the song Get Together backing a slide show of the current condition – as poignant today as it was in 1967 when it was first released.




Direct links to the individual videos:

The Youngbloods

Tears are Falling

Ride the Wind

Grizzly Bear

Jesse Colin Young


When the Sun Goes Down

Darkness, Darkness

Little Grass Shack

4 in the Morning

Slide Shows

Euphoria Youngbloods

Reason to Believe Youngbloods

Sugar Babe

Song for Julia


Miss Hesitation

T-Bone Shuffle

Rye Whiskey

Before You Came

You Gotta Fix It

Let's Get Together

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