Saturday, February 2, 2008

Manfred Mann

Formed originally as the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers by South African keyboard player Manfred Mann, this group arose amongst the British blues explosion. During the early years numerous well known musicians passed through the band.

With several hit singles in 1964 and 65 they began moving away from their blues roots to more of a pop style which also found them success. Their interpretation of Dylan’s “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” raised a controversy and was banned by a number of radio and TV stations

Disbanding the group in 1969, Manfred went on to form Mandfred Mann Chapter III with Mike Hugg recording two albums of experimental jazz rock music. (I was unable to find anything from this era.)

Then in 1971 he formed Manfred Mann’s Earth Band with its jazz influenced progressive rock style, releasing 14 albums over a 19 year period. The songs often included long jam sessions with Manfred on synthesizers dueling it out with his guitarist.

Since the Earth Band dissolved in 1989, Manfred has continued to record music, releasing 7 new albums. On another front, a number of the original Manfred Mann band members reformed in the 90s performing under the name The Manfreds featuring the old hits.

So here then is Manfred Mann followed by the Earth Band in chronological order of performance from 1964 – 1983. (Some volume adjusting will be required.)

Manfred Mann Earth Band

Manfred Mann Wiki

Earth Band Wiki

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