Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jethro Tull

It has been kind of mellow around here lately so it’s time to wake you folks up.

Ian Anderson is perhaps one of the most eccentric rock frontmen from the late ‘60s and ‘70s. His stage presence, unusual and distinctive vocal style, and one-legged flute playing make for one interesting show.

This quote from a press review in Jethro Tull Press titled Rock Beyond Woodstock perhaps explains the Jethro Tull experience best:

Moderates musically, but never on stage. There, they are matchless. Ian Anderson, that famous Fagin come Captain Hook, moves with drunken abandon in phases of sexual intoxication, his arms and legs flailing, his eyes bugging out like uncut diamonds, his shaggy hair dancing merrily in ringlets, waving his flute like the Pied Piper of all lost innocents. Anderson's strength consists in his ability to evoke a mounting atmosphere of lurid, bubbling frenzy — all the while, making a music that is a delicious idyll, totally structured and yet care-free, sharp and delicate.

The original band had to keep changing their name in order to play more than once in the same pub twice since they were never asked back under the same name. Finally while sporting the name of an agricultural pioneer, Jethro Tull was invited back to play a second show and the name then stuck.

Jethro Tull is still active today and currently touring Europe and coming to the US in late summer and fall.

Tonight’s show closes with a number of Ian Anderson collaborations with other top musicians.

Here then for your enjoyment – Jethro Tull! (Crank it up!)

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Direct links to the videos in this evenings show:



Witch’s Promise

Thick as a Brick

Songs from the Wood

My God

Dun Ringill

Dark Ages

The Whistler

Locomotive Breath

Song for Jeffrey

Life’s a Long Song

Skating Away on Thin Ice

Jack in the Green => Pussy Willow

A New Day Yesterday

With You There to Help Me

Quizz Kid => Crazed Institution

Heavy Horses

Minstrel in the Gallery

Hymn 43

Velvet Green

Wind Up


Hunting Girl

She Said She Was a Dancer

Farm on the Freeway

North Sea Oil => Old Ghosts

Mother Goose




My Sunday Feeling => So Much Trouble

Living in the Past

Fat Man

This is not Love

Kissing Willie

Made in England

Inroduction to Soulmates – With Al Dimeola, Chris Thompson and others.

Look Up to the Sky – With Al Dimeola, Chris Thompson and others.

Last Day of Summer – With Al Dimeola, Chris Thompson and others..

Room No. 8 – With Al Dimeola, Chris Thompson and others.

Locomotive Breath – With Al Dimeola, Chris Thompson and others.

Fat Man - With Jack Bruce and Fela Kuti

African Jam Session – With Jack Bruce and Fela Kuti


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